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A note from Suzie: 
I was asked to speak at the annual TEDMED conference in 2015 about my dual career as a cardiologist and singer-songwriter. It was a great honor. The talent scouts picked my song "Sometimes Your Dreams Find You," which was just a demo on my iPhone at the time, to perform during the talk because it summed up my message so well - that happiness comes in unexpected forms and from unexpected places.  You can download it for free HERE.
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Scot Sax & Suzie Brown

Garden Party Concerts, Nashville, TN

From the hosts: Our "listening room" concerts are held in our beautiful backyard on an open air patio with flowers behind the performer(s). Thus the name "Garden Party Concerts." We serve everyone a free dinner about 45 minutes prior to the show, ask that all attendees please bring their own chairs for seating on the lawn, hold the performance for about 90 minutes (not counting the brief intermission) and wrap everything up by sunset. The back of our house faces west to a wooded area, so the sun drops below the upper tree line before our event times and the backyard is shaded.

RSVP at http://www.gardenpartyconcerts.com to reserve your spot!

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