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Photo by Lisa Schaffer

Photo by Lisa Schaffer

Suzie Brown writes songs to process her life.  For a singer-songwriter, it's not that unique of a creative impulse.  But when you're also a cardiologist, used to being stoic and selfless on the job, the catharsis is even more essential. 

"Music is my place to be honest," says Brown.  "I can say how I'm really feeling.  I like not having to be strong."

With her gift for unforgettable melodies and evocative lyrics, it's hard to imagine it's only been several years since she penned her first song.  In that time, she's been nominated for several Independent Music Awards, named a finalist in the Mountain Stage NewSong contest, a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, among other accolades, and had her music featured at Starbucks, The Gap, and Anthropologie.  

Scot Sax knows his way around a song.  He has been writing them for years, whether it was with his own bands Wanderlust and Feel, or as a purveyor of hits for singers like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.  It was Sax, in fact, who co-wrote the country duo's Grammy-winning smash "Like We Never Loved At All." His catchy "I Am the Summertime," penned while with the band Bachelor Number One, was featured in the blockbuster "American Pie."  And he's netted countless TV credits, with song placements in shows like "ghost Whisperer," "NCIS," "CSI: NY" and "Keeping up with the Kardashians."

Brown and Sax met by chance at a mutual friend's wedding.  Eleven months later they were married.  It didn't take long to realize that their chemistry was infectious both on and off the stage, and they have been slowly but surely combining their musical worlds.  Sax co-produced Brown's solo album 'Almost There' with Oliver Wood (Wood Brothers).  Brown's folk/Americana roots influenced Sax to explore a more raw, stripped down sound on his latest solo release "I'm In A Mood."  Brown and Sax recorded their first album as a duo in 2015.